The Pet Ring Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

We are dedicated to ending Casper's over pet population through spaying and neutering and promoting owner responsibility.


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As 2018 comes to close I look back on the 12 years of our existence in Casper and our accomplishments. Pet Ring has been one of the longest animal charities in Casper and made one of the biggest impressions (our friends over at The Humane Society are the longest and largest). We have helped hundreds of dogs find homes. We have saved thousands of animals from a most certain death by sending them to CSU or their local vet and covering their medical care over the years. We have housed hundreds of animals for their own safety during the night when found out wondering. We have been there when our town called on us for emergency shelter. We offered sanctuary to both humans (even though we weren’t supposed too) and dogs on bitter cold nights. When the time came, we were there to help pet owners cover the cost of their pets final expenses as they were laid to rest.  Lastly, we prevented millions of unwanted litters of pets through our low cost spay and neuter clinics over the years.


But like all good things at some point they must end, and frankly we are ready. Over the years we have battled so many hurdles, these hurdles were our primary source of income and what kept the foundation funded and operating and made what we did possible. These hurdles were exhausting, expensive and often times left us thwarted and looking for the next solution for funding. Battles against bingo, city council, zoning, permits, and skill based games are some of the hurdles we’ve struggled with to be able to do, so the foundation, its missions, and its programs could continue to aid Casper citizens.  

I am both grateful and thankful from all the continued support Casper has offered us over the years.  I am proud of what we have done and accomplished for Casper and its citizens.

Four Paws and Pet Ring have coexisted in the west facility for 4 years. Four Paws clients have made it possible to keep many of our programs going while Pet Ring Foundation continued to struggle financially. Without the clients of Four Paws many animals would have suffered and for that we will always be grateful. For the last year its been debated on rather to close or keep the west facility. It was always the latter in hopes of resuming the spay and neuter clinics something Casper SO DESPERATE NEEDS, but with the chances of the clinics being unlikely due to funding, lack of finding a veterinarian and Jackson Adoption Center offering their voucher at local vets it was decided that we would close the West Facility and end its financial burden.  Four Paws posted back in November that the West Facility would close January 9th 2019. Our team worked hard to network and get all our pups adopted in preparation for this. We have two remaining furry friends who Four Paws will house at their east facility as they are in our Homes 4 The Homeless program but soon will be going to their own home.  Its been a upward struggle for two years, but we are so very grateful for Casper, Four Paws and all its clients. From the bottom of our hearts Thank You Casper!