Our Team & Our Commitment

The Pet Ring Foundation recognizes that our pets are members of our family, just as important and just as loved as our spouses, parents and children. But while so many organizations exist to provide assistance for needy humans in the form of food, clothing and medical care, the same is not so commonly available for our pets. The Pet Ring Foundation fills this gap, providing much needed social support to some of the most overlooked members of society-- its animals.

In addition to providing affordable spay, neuter, and vaccine services to pet owners in need, medical care for shelter animals, Pet Ring Foundation also serves the community by providing pet food, blankets, treats, toys and other necessaries to pet owners in need. We assist in the fostering and placement of stray animals when necessary, provide transport and relocation to forever homes, and support pet owners in emergency circumstances such as natural disasters.

The Pet Ring Foundation announced that beginning on October 1st, 2015 they will be assisting the communities lost pets a little further. Stray dogs running loose can often result in a fatality.  Many times, good Samaritans will pick up a stray but can'€™t keep them overnight.  Others won'€™t attempt to pick up a stray, knowing they are unable to keep them or for fear of being bit.  The Pet Ring Foundation is hoping to fill the gap of Metro's outside normal business hours and decrease pet fatalities by providing a free safe haven for the night.  Pets picked up after 6:00 PM may be brought to their facility for holding.  They will scan them for chips, cross post on their animal groups on social media, attempt to make contact with vets regarding tag information and attempt to find the owner.  If the owner can not be located by the following morning at 10am, the animal will be transferred to the care of Metro Animal Control.
It is the Pet Ring Foundation'€™s goal to help return lost pets and decrease the number of animal fatalities while aiding Metro in lost and found.
This service is free of charge and not compensated by the city.  It is merely a service for a need that needed to be filled and they are happy to assist.  They will not seek out or collect stray animals, but citizens may bring them to them 24 hours a day outside of Metro Animal Control operating hours.  Their facility is located at 2060 Fairgrounds Rd.